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Not feeling all the new Medicare/MIPS measures? You are not alone, but the time to do something abo

What do I need to know about MIPS, and when do I need to do something about it?

The good news is that there is still time. The bad news is that time is running out. Even if you complete the bare minimum, you will avoid 4% in penalties. That is worth pursuing. Contact us and we can help you get there!

The MIPS payment adjustment is based on the data submitted. The best way to get the maximum MIPS payment adjustment is to participate the full year. By participating the full year, you have the most measures to pick from to submit, more reliable data submissions, and the ability to get bonus points.

  • But if you only report 90 days, you could still earn the maximum adjustment—there is nothing built into the program that automatically gives a reporter a lower score for 90-day reporting.

  • Pick the pace that’s best for your practice.

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